Welding and joining are key joining technologies towards the growing development of Iranian industries. AUT Weld Center, which is the core member in IWJI, offers its services to organizations and industries through providing knowledge-based and optimal welding methods, procedures and technologies. The horizons of AUT Weld Center are beyond the borders of the country, to support in the near future not only the domestic industries but also the countries in the region.

Capabilities and services:

  • Design and fabrication of welded structures.
  • Developing a Welding Procedure
  • Specifications (WPS).
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT).
  • Developing Procedure Quality Report (PQR).
  • Mechanical and fracture testing.
  • Welding residual stress and deformation engineering.
  • Industry-focused training courses.
  • Aggressive environment material testing.
  • Technical consultancy.

Industrial training courses

IWJI offers a wide range of industry-focused training courses in different fields of welding engineering, design, inspection, life estimation and life extension.

  • Structural design courses at different levels including static, fatigue and fracture design.
  • Special courses in welding engineering based on to-date needs of industries.
  • Training courses in the field of welding residual stresses and distortions.
  • Basic and advanced training courses in the fields of welding technologies, inspection and quality control.
  • Welder training courses for different welding techniques.
  • Testing and certificating after different training courses for welding engineers and welders (WPT).


Engineering services

Welding residual stress and deformation engineering

Mechanical testing labs

Welding workshop